Studio 1208
S    E    C    R    E    T    S    T    U     D    I    O         R    E    C   O    R    D    S       I    N  C. 


Mason & Hamlin Model BB  7' Grand Piano

There are grand pianos, and then there are Grand pianos.  Such is the case with the Model BB.  The Model BB is amongst the most sought after in the world for its beautiful powerful tone.  At Studio 1208, our Mason is carefully maintained and ready for you to emjoy the magic of this piano.

The Mason & Hamlin Story
Crown 1908 Pump Organ
Harmonium from the turn of the century
Dedicated Virtual Instruments (2)
Two midi studio keyboards w/dedicated computers equipped with Sonic Core Pulsar 
    sound cards, power amps, speakers and a plethora of vst instruments that allow an 
    amazing array of possible electronic instruments.
Arp Odyssey
The Odyssey is revered as a prime example of the 'twiddly' school of synthesizers.  
    With all its controls on the large top panel, it encourages even the most reticent of us 
    to experiment. But however  you use the Odyssey, you'll be assured of one thing: class .
Roland s-10
Classic 12-bit sampler from the early 80's
Korg Poly-800
First truly affordable polyphonic synth with amazing sounds!
Korg DW-8000
Roland jx-305
Doumbek (2)
African Marimba
A cedar chest full of musical stuff