Studio 1208
S    E    C    R    E    T    S    T    U     D    I    O         R    E    C   O    R    D    S       I    N  C. 

Terms and Conditions

Booking Contract - read here

Important - Please Read all terms below!
1. A 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to book studio recording sessions.
2. Multi-track recording requires a minimum of four (4) hours booked.
3. In order to cancel without penalties, we require a 48-hour cancellation notice. No Exceptions.
4. Cash or Credit Cards accepted.
5. Recording rates are subject to change without notice.
6. No alcoholic beverage or drugs allowed on the studio premises at any time. No Exceptions.!
7. Our recording clients are required to purchase a back-up DVD copy of the session once completed
    or to have a Pro Tools certified hard drive available to archive the session. It is not our responsibility
    to store recording sessions.
8. Only those people that are involved with the recording/production process are allowed on the studio  
    premises during recording. *Outside distractions cause a loss in time and money to the client,
    musicians and studio.
9. We do not allow individuals that are not involved with the actual recording to be in the studio. This   
    includes but is not limited to: friends, fans, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. unless they are deemed (by the 
    studio engineer) as an important part of the recording. Prior permission must be obtained prior to 
    recording appointment.
10. Children under 13 years of age or younger are not allowed in the studio or on our premises 
    unless they are a member of the band recording. Our facility is not a child safe environment and
    our studio staff are not properly equipped to supervise children. We do not provide child-sitting  
    services. No exceptions.!
11.Absolutely no food allowed in the Control Room. All food should be kept and eaten in the studio    
    break area only!
12. Beverages are not allowed on or near the recording control board. No exceptions. !
13. All beverages in the studio must have lids or caps before bringing into any of the studio rooms. If a  
    spill should occur while you are in the studio - please advise mangaement so spills can be taken 
    care of in a timely fashion.
14. Payments are due at the end of each session for the current session.


All sessions are by appointment only.

Standard Hourly Studio Rate:  $75.00/ hr.

Studio Rate - $650.00 per day: 12 hours (w/ 3 breaks, 1 One hour break)
   Rates are for production, studio and house engineer. If you wish to use your own
   engineer adjusted rates may apply. Please call to discuss project and details.

Mix  $65/ hr.

IsoBooth  Only:  $40/ hr. IsoBooth is wired to use external usb and xlr feeds.  Clients can use their own
preamps, computer, etc.and and use studio mics to lay down tracks,overdub their own vocals,
instruments, etc.

If you wish to book time for recording please contact us at 206 9351165 or email us at

Please read the terms and conditions listed below so that you are completely informed and
view the entire booking contract here:


     •   New ATR Studio Magnetics 2" on metal reel  $350.
             (24 tracks  2500' = 16 min. @ 30ips)
     •   Quantegy, Ampex or G9 2" used on metal reel $125.
     •   Quantegy, Ampex or G9 2" Rental $50.
     •   Quantegy, Ampex or G9 1/4"  $75.
        Quantegy, Ampex or G9 1/4"  used : $40.

       ProTools qualified hard drive $75.-150.
     •  DVD of Session Tracks - $5.
       CDR Duplication (1 -24 @ $3.50 each)

     •  Piano Tuning  (if requested) $150.
     •  Can read and convert DAT,  Cassette and Phono
           (call to discuss your project)